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  'Aquaponics' is a simple and innovative system of food production combining aquaculture and hydroponic growing techniques.
  'The Aquaponics List' ( is an e-mail discussion group formed by S & S AQUA FARM as an open list specifically for aquaponics.
   All who are interested in learning and sharing information about this and related topics are invited to participate.

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Having a safe, consistent source for food is a constant concern for many people.

We've put on paper what we've learned from an operational standpoint so that others can benefit.

We hope to eliminate for you the "trial and error" stage, to allow you to begin quickly your own successful growing system, whatever your purpose.


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Problems can be turned into opportunities - opportunities to develop solutions.

The e-mail discussion list "Aquaponics"

The e-mail discussion list "Aquaponics" is an open list specifically for aquaponics - the combined systems of aquaculture and hydroponics. All who are interested in learning and sharing information about this and related topics are invited to participate.

This group, provided by S&S Aqua Farm, will cover any and all aspects of this exciting subject. We encourage those who have operating systems, are in the set-up process, those who have a beginning or general interest to participate.

Tom and I agreed to sponsor this list because we believe there's a great deal of benefit in being able to freely exchange information with others of common interest. And, we love to talk about this practice of combining aquaculture and hydroponics methods. It's what we do, and we feel we can only learn more by participating in a group where that is the primary topic.

An open forum mail group was our final decision, as opposed to a moderated or by-special-invitation-only list. It's provided without charge and without restriction, other than that which common courtesy dictates. We really enjoy this list and want it to continue to be a productive forum for information exchange.

Following are some details and suggested list etiquette to make your list experience more satisfying.

I. General Description of list
II. List Etiquette/Community
III. Subscribe/unsubscribe information


The Aquaponics mailing list is a general information exchange forum and cyber-community of folks who share a common interest in aquaponics and related subjects. We discuss such topics as general growing system issues, growing your own food, water conservation and energy systems, agriculture, food safety and nutrition, environmental issues related to aquaculture and agriculture, ag technology, plant and aquatic species, etc.

Although the emphasis is on aquaponics, you don't need to have a system yet to participate - in fact you may be interested because you think you'll be healthier, because you want to be easier on the environment, you enjoy the rewards of self sufficiency, or you want to evaluate a lifestyle change.
Whatever your abilities or reasons for being drawn to this list, you are welcome. Any topic may be discussed. In order to bring the topics into the areas you want, we encourage everyone to post their queries, observations, comments and suggestions for how this type integrated system should, does or might work.

** Other Boring Technical Guidelines **

1) Only subscribers may send posts. If you are subscribed under one email address and try to send a post from another, your post won't go through.

2) If you change your email address, please unsubscribe your old address before changing, if possible! If not, please contact us at, and we'll take care of it.

3) If you are going away for an extended period and your Internet provider places a limit on how many messages you can receive (AOL and Juno, for example), please unsubscribe until you return and are able to keep up with your mail. If your mailbox is always full it creates more work for the list server and administrator.

4) When posting, especially when replying to someone else's post, please check your TO: line and make sure the address matches the one above.
Sometimes your mail headers may cause the "Reply" option to reply to the person privately when you intend to address the whole list. Please just edit the TO: line and correct it in this case. Do NOT use the "Reply To All" option of your mailer software, as this will cause multiple copies of your message to be sent to the list and create more work for the administrators. :-)

5) Please don't clutter up the list with excessively long signatures or quote an entire message when replying to it (if you can help it!). Quoting only relevant points in the message will be very helpful to the discussion.


This list is primarily a source for exchange of information on aquaponics. However, topics you believe to be of general interest are encouraged and invited. We only ask that you consider the topic and length of the post before sending. If questionable, please send a summation and request private inquiries.

We are a highly diverse group from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds, and do not identify as a whole with any particular religion, creed, political party or anything else. Please accept reponsibility for keeping the discussion respectful and reasonable, even in disagreements, or take your discussion off-list. The variety of needs, plans, proposed uses, sizes of operation, locations, interests and "experience" levels expressed by those who've written us indicate that there will be times where this may be necessary.

Advertising on this list, and most others, is seriously discouraged. However, we have several members whose products or publications are of probable interest to a large number of our subscribers. In order to enable the group to become aware of and evaluate these items, we are initiating the following policy:

Monthly Member "Ad" Day will be the 15th of each month. Please observe the following guidelines for courtesy.

1. Preface your subject line with the word "AD".
2. Please keep posts to minimum size to convey your message.
3. Ads need not necessarily pertain to aquaponics; related topics/referrals are accepted.
4. Do not post graphics.
5. Do not include attachments.
6. Please, use good judgement on content for our international community of members.

We hope this will allow some leeway for our members with commercial interests in aquaponics, those wishing to report on items of general interest to address the group, and be of benefit to all subscribers.

Although this list is unmoderated, there are some things which will cause your name to be deleted from the group, so be warned:

1) SPAMMING the list with any advertising material other than the designated Ad Day. We do have people on the list who have aquaponics-related businesses, and it is acceptable to post information about the business in response to an inquiry about your particular line of work, to mention it in passing if you are a regular contributor, or to post a link to a web page describing your business. Spamming is considered to be either information that is obviously a non-specific "form letter" that is sent to many different places, or references to your business in *repeated* postings that are unsolicited (no one on the list asked you for the information).

2) SLANDER of another individual on the list. Stating a negative OPINION about someone is not considered slander, although we certainly ask you to exercise good manners and not resort to name-calling. Slander means accusing a person of something you cannot prove is true, e.g. that another list member has a drug problem or anything that may similarly reflect badly on the person's character. Publicly posting private information about another person, e.g. addresses, phone numbers or family members' names, without the person's consent is also considered slander.

3) Sending ATTACHMENTS to the list. Sending an attachment to everyone, while you may think it contributes to the discussion, only bogs down the server and costs many people time and frustration in downloading data that they may be unable or unwilling to open anyway. Attachments can contain viruses, so many people make it a general policy not to open any attachment from an unknown source. So if you have an attachment you think it would be worthwhile to share, please just post an announcement and email it PRIVATELY to those who ask for it, e.g. "Hey, I've got a great .GIF of some drawings of (whatever)! Email me if you'd like a copy!"

Note also that many email programs these days send attachments without your even being aware of it. If you like to play with fancy formatting, signatures, greeting cards, or sending HTML code along with your email, do NOT do so when posting to this list! Please make sure your mailer software is configured to send text only. Of course, if you do accidentally send attachments, you'll be sure to get a chorus of hollering from list members, and can contact your Internet provider for help if you don't know how to stop the attachments.


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After you feel comfortable with the list, we would like you to introduce yourselves to the group. A short summary of who you are and what your interest areas are will help direct the topics to the needs of the group.

For a more detailed explanation of the S&S Aqua Farm system, please see the web site at

Again - welcome to all!!!
Tom and Paula Speraneo

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