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Message   1: Re: AgVentures and HFPM
             from "Nilo Lancita" 

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Subject: Re: AgVentures and HFPM
From:    "Nilo Lancita" 
Date:    Sun, 7 May 2000 00:40:39 -0400

...talking about frogs, i saw live frogs sold at chinese stores. The color is green and the
average size
is same as the computer mouse. I had eaten frogs from the rice field but not this kind.
Anybody out there knows where to get the babies of these kind of froggies?

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From: Angela O. 
Date: Friday, May 05, 2000 4:26 PM
Subject: RE: AgVentures and HFPM

Dont know if this will help tim, but

  Rayne Louisiana is the FROG capitol of the world.
The Louisiana frog company is located there.  They deal in frozen products I am sure, But they
may be able to put you intouch with
some one who would supply you with wild caught live frogs.   You might also try contacting
Rayne Louisiana Chamber of Commerice.

   I dont know anything about raising them although I have grown up with them around all of my
life.   We have 600+ acres rice farm.

   I can say they seem to be pretty territorial AND independant.
You may find 1 frog staking out a claim to the out fall of a culvert in a drainage ditch where
there is permanent water puddle.
Never I have  seen 2 or more in same place.

   I do often find frog egg masses in the rice fields and tons of tad poles.  However lots of
different kinds of frogs around so I
am not sure how to tell which is a bull frog egg and which is a leopard frog egg etc......

>From: "timjohanns" 
>To: "post" 
>Subject: AgVentures and HFPM
>Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 13:55:18 -0700
>I get a new magazine, called AgVentures, geared toward unconventional
>agricultural livestock like, butterflies, frogs, elk, tilapia that kinda
>stuff. Anyone know of a bull frog breeder? I like to breed and thought it
>would be most exellent to see if I could get some frogs to hump in
>captivity, my brother has a pond, and well, they taste like chicken. :) :)
>:) ALSO....I happened upon this other magazine somewhere, and sent for a
>sample, with all the food us hydroponicers are growing, ideas are always
>welcome on how-to "put it by". It started as a newsletter in 96' and is now
>a nice magazine, well written, and chock- full of recipe's and how-to's on
>canning and preserving foods. The Feb/Mar. issue included  an article on
>canning clams, oysters and crab, and a fish article. It's called Home Food
>Preserver's Magazine. pob 719 Brooklyn,MI 49230-0719. I'm not a sales person
>for her, BUT... I would recieve a free issue added to my subscription if you
>mentioned Tim Johanns as having led you to her publication. A lot of stuff
>out there is junk, and when I hear of something worthy or use the same I
>like to pass it on, get the three dollar sample if you're a skeptic, but it
>is truly worthy of a good glance. And this one time...


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