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Subject: Re: Keeping the greenhouse warm ...
From:    "Melvin Landers" 
Date:    Sun, 28 May 2000 21:55:41 -0500

Nick wrote; The most promising idea I've seen was to use animals to add heat
in the winter.

Dear Nick,
   Where did the idea for heating the greenhouse with livestock come from? I
think you will find that you will have too much air flow in order for the
heat given off to be of much use. Livestock produce a lot of moisture in the
air as they breath. So much so that if it is not removed their health is at
risk. The confinement of a barn (or greenhouse) is not a natural environment
for any livestock. That is why barns let in so much air. They are not warm
places in the winter. As much as I enjoy reinventing various wheels. I would
suggest going with a proven heating method, unless you have some money you
can afford to lose on experimentation. I know that some folks have tried
this with chickens with some success, but if you have no experience with
chickens you could be in for a bad experience. If you have no desire to
raise livestock, you will not be a happy camper. They don't call the
activities related to livestock "chores" for nothing.

Nick wrote; I have not decide on a greenhouse type but I'm leaning toward a
hoop house until I can determine if this makes long-term sence.
Hoop house are a good choice. They are reasonably priced and you can fix
them any way you like.
melvin landers

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