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Message   1: Packaging

             from Bill 

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Subject: Packaging

From:    Bill 

Date:    10 Dec 99 16:33:36 PST

>Subject: Spinach, Hydro Links

From:    Bill 

Date:    9 Dec 99 09:55:12 PST

Date:    9 Dec 99 10:20:58 PST

*That's strange... Sorry!

Lotta Browser/ISP hassles last night.

Ethylene also for tomatoes, as apples & banannas are put with =

tomatoes at home,when only store tomatoes are to be had.



Very sound thinking all around.

Nitrogen in the bag help longevity? Gas from bottom, =

withdraw hose, seal-a-salad?

Kent/Landsberg (Landesberg?) Tho' they WERE mostly paper.

Telephone Business Buyers Guide ~ $25 now.

(The back door approach.)

Why not cake flat-top 'domes?'  I've seen similar turned =

over, slap a label on it; It's now the top! I'd say >1 gal.

ASK the wholesaler too, and other wholesalers.

I saw $12#. How about the styrofoam box used for salmon =

shipping.  All sizes.  Pack 4-6 "seal-a-meal" bags IN a

nice square one, or long skinny one.

These are already a pkg restaurants are familiar with.

Protection, dedicated shelf space,

Your Name/lettuce/arugala on end for easy location.

They buy a case!  Wholesaler exchanges them, OR

the wholesaler or restaurant refills it.

No big floorage and cleaning upon exchange...

Cool on wholesaler's truck, if restaurant fridge dies...

Say it lasts 1-3 months.  Cost over zip-locks?


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