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Message   1: Fish Pin Co-op

             from "Ronald W. Brooks" 

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Subject: Fish Pin Co-op

From:    "Ronald W. Brooks" 

Date:    Sat, 11 Dec 1999 13:47:54 -0500

Some of you might remember a couple weeks ago some posts about fish pins.

Well I have contacted the manufacturer and have received a price list plus a

sample pin to look at. I must say they are nice.

So that stated there is a minimum order but between a couple of the

aquaculture type lists I am on and The state Aquaculture association. I

should be able to come up with the minimum order, at least I think so.

So The Tilapia pins are an inch and a half long by about one inch tall , and

as I am not looking to make money off them they will be $3.75 including

shipping. They also have other species available. So if interested give me

an email so I know how many of each species to order and then I will get

back to you when they get in.

I will try scanning a picture of the pin in and if it works out will post it

to my web page and let you all know


The One Who Walks Two Paths

ICQ 44271371

species available

catfish - 2 types

salmon - 8

trout - 8

bass - 6

hybrid striped - 2

Tilapia - 1

koi - 2

 they also have dogs, livestock , shellfish , marine fish , crustaceans

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