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My name is Adrian Sealy.
Welcome to my Page!!!

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I am 14 years old and
in the 9th grade at Senatobia High School.
I have 1 dog, her name is Lady.
She's a Golden Retriever and about 1 year old.

Bob and Debbie Sealy are my parents.
I've put some pictures of some friends up now.
Stephanie Strawn Stephanie Strawn
A good friend who lived in Senatobia until her Dad's company moved to Carlyle, IL. Now we just get to talk on the phone, and visit once in a while, and send e-mail back and forth.
Andy Whittle Andy Whittle
A friend who plays on the Strayhorn Jr. High Football Team
Toyz Toyz1 These are some pictures my cousin, Christie Bolen, drew for a truck club, I'll get her picture up as soon as I can get a current one that I can scan.
I'll bet you can guess the name of the club!

Janet DunsonJanet DunsonAlisha HannahAlisha Hannah
Some of my Favorite Links!!!!
blball.gifAlanis Morissette
blball.gifKid Slick's Alanis Morissette Page. (Download audio clips in .au format.)
blball.gifHootie and the BlowfishLet Her Cry (RA 2.0)
blball.gifThe I55mall.com Kids Pages (I Help Make These Pages!!! They are lots of fun!!!)
blball.gifJack Will's Midi Music and Karaoke for Kids
blball.gif Doug Von Gausig's sounds page

Some of My Family's Pages
blball.gifMy Uncle Jim's Coffee Shop News Page
and his practice page at GMI.net
blball.gifMy Aunt Mary and Uncle Ron's Page
blball.gifThe Sealy Family Book

E-mail me!!!

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