Things to Do Anywhere When You're Bored

This is a listing of things you can do OFF the computer - get ideas here, then get out of your seat and do something new!

1. Fun Page, things to do with plants and flowers - more things than you ever could have imagined!

2. Games Kids Play, the rules and how to play traditional kids games like Red Rover and Tag and more you've never heard of - but your grandparents knew!

3. The Discovery Museums Project of the Month, each month, a new activity from the Discovery Museums in Acton, Massachusetts.

4. The Puppetry Home Page, learn all about different kinds of puppets, and how to make them yourself.

5.'s TV-Free Activities, Lots of great activities to do at home.

6. Joseph Wu's Origami Page, all about the art of folding paper into figures and animals.

7.CyberKids Home, a magazine for you to read - and send in your own work to see on-line.

8. Jason's Kite Site, images of different kinds of kites and links to other kite sites. Go fly a kite!

9. Magical Secrets, to learn the secrets, you have to register at this site. Links to other magic trick sites. Fool and amaze your friends!

10. Games, information about new video and computer games from Sony

11.AYYA Yo-Yo Page, from the American Yo-Yo Association, tips, tricks, a competitions using this classic toy.

12. Jump Rope Rhymes, never get bored jumping rope again with all these rhymes to choose from.

13. AARON'S JOKE PAGE, favorite jokes and riddles from a kid in New Jersey. New ones appear often.

14. Activities ! - Wangaratta Primary School, things for kids to do, brought to you by kids in Australia.

15. Streetcents, based on a kid's TV show from Canada, covers money issues for kids. Find out how to spend (or not to spend) your allowance, and get ideas about kids in business.

16. Sega Games, what's going on in video and computer games from Sega.

17. Lego, visit the Lego factory, and get ideas about what to build at home.

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