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Message   1: Re: Currently operating systems, was Up and running success stories
             from "Sandy Hughes" 

Message   2: Re: Currently operating systems, was Up and running success stor
             from "Candace" 

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Subject: Re: Currently operating systems, was Up and running success stories
From:    "Sandy Hughes" 
Date:    Sun, 1 Mar 1998 20:20:12 +0800

Hi Paula,

I also would be very interested to see what you've got.
Also, is there anyone in Australia (preferably Western Australia) that is
on the mailing list that would be interested in corresponding with me and
giving any advise on setting up a commercial business. Tilapia doesn't seem
to be that well known around these parts and I was wondering if anyone had
tried Black Bream or Silver Perch?


> From: S & S Aqua Farm 
> To:
> Subject: Currently operating systems, was Up and running success stories
> Date: Saturday, 28 February 1998 3:35
> At 04:53 PM 2/25/98 EST, Cheryl Huston wrote:
> >
> >Hi everyone,
> >I would like to know if anyone out there has a successful system running
> >the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic region.  I live in the Boston area and want
> >start a small commercial business, but I want to visit other systems
closer to
> >me in addition to MO.
> >
> >So, any of you east coasters, please give me a holler.  I would also
like to
> >hear from those of you have had continuing success, Paula says you are
> >there in various other regions of the U.S.  Thanks a bunch!
> >Cheryl Huston
> To the list - let's revise the reading on this message.  Cheryl Huston
> to consider an aquaponics set-up for a "small commercial business". 
> a relative term, as are many of the terms people use when they write to
> for information because they've been "sparked" by the concept.  Using
> aquaculture and hydroponics together for all the right reasons - water
> conservation, lower costs, higher potentials, more natural systems, clean
> food supplies for their families and others, no need to supplement
> systems with artificial fertilizers, and I could go on and on.  If I had
> time I'd take a poll of the correspondence we've received over the years
> regarding the various reasons why people are interested in this type
> growing; however, I don't.  
> What I'd like to ask is if anyone is willing to have Cheryl (or others)
> look at their currently operating systems, they would post directly to
> or to the list.  This is not a critique of "how" you're operating your
> system.   Just a fellow explorer who wants to "see" what they can only
> visualize so far.
> Management is a key issue, and those of you who've been here can
> appreciate that.  I don't think I'll ever reach the point where I feel I
> properly managing the system to it's full potential (kind of like my
> children), but others can see and take their own visions further.
> If there's no response, I can post some of our original introductions
(and I
> can do that to individuals who are interested).  This will give all of us
> renewed view of what types of systems are operating and their various
> potentials.
> Paula Speraneo
> S&S Aqua Farm, 8386 County Road 8820, West Plains, MO 65775  417-256-5124
> Web page

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Subject: Re: Currently operating systems, was Up and running success stor
From:    "Candace" 
Date:    Sun, 1 Mar 1998 20:39:01 +0000

Paula,  Les & Roger are still planning on visiting you on Monday 
afternoon.  What are directions to your place? And phone number?

They will keep it under an hour.  

Thanks so much!  I know Wayne ordered your $200 program.  He's great.

Candace Turner

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